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Science Horror
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Sunday, October 15, 2017
Alyson Daley, an ethologist, along with other scientists and a film crew are deep into a China rainforest. They are on a hunt for an elusive monkey called Skywalker. During the expedition, as they trek into unknown territory, they are propelled into a severe and incredible misfortune. The rainforest, Which has never been ventured into before, is one of the most beautiful, yet isolated places the planet has to offer. However, it soon reveals a dark and sinister side. For instead of the Skywalker monkey, they discover and find an eviler, genetically instituted species of primate. Colton Spencer has been following this unknown species, for the past few months. His presence had been tolerated in the species' territory. When along comes Alyson Daley, with her entourage, disturbing their existence and bringing out the anger in them. When Colton and Alyson's paths cross, he finds himself in a position to either watch the species, now known as Chumans, chew her up, or save her. What shall he do?
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Bernette Forde is a writer and web enthusiast. Born in Paget, Bermuda, she grew up mostly in Devonshire, Bermuda but moved in various locations on the tiny Island. Bernette now resides in London, England with her devoted husband, Michael. Although she has been writing for over twenty-five years, her first published book was in 2014: Nephilim, The Seventh Angel through Xlibris Publishing. She has since gone on to write many books, self-published and Peoples Publishing House. She has published three novels and has over five books published.
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